Chaiti by Kalapini Komkali, Patiya na bheje ho rama

Anisha Sharma
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पतिया न भेजे हो रामा…

आयल चैत उत्पत्तिया हो रामा

…गँध सुहाये न हो

पतिया न भेजे हो रामा…

बिरही कोयलिया कू कू करत

जोवन भार सह्यो न हो रामा

पतिया न भेजे हो रामा…

कैरी पाकी रस चुवत है

कौन बिठाव खिलाव हो

पतिया न भेजे हो रामा…

आयल चैत उतपत्तिया

About Kalapini Komkali

Kalapini Komkali is daughter of Indian music guru Pandit Kumar Gandharva.

What is Chaiti?

Chaiti is a genre of Indian music, originating in Eastern UP, especially Varanasi. Girija Devi is a living legend propagating Chaiti and other forms of Purvang tradition. Her disciple Malini Awasthi is also contributing to Purvang tradition of Indian music.

Girija Devi in a live performance celebrating Chaiti explained that Chaiti originated as women sang in longing for their beloveds who had gone away for work and not returned as yet, when the season of spring was fading into summer, the Hindu month of Chaitra.

ChaitiWords like Rama, Koyaliya and Aam, are commonly found in Chaiti songs, as it is the mango season and cuckoos call out.

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