Pandit Jasraj sings Govind Damodar Madhaveti

Anisha Sharma
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Pundit Jasraj sings Govind Damodar Madhaveti

In this stotra, Rishi Bilvamangal reasons with his tongue to recite the name of Krishna…

Bilvamangal Strotra: Lyrics

Kararavinden padaravindam
Mukharavinde viniveshayantam
Vatasya patrasya pute shayanam
Balam mukundam manasa smarami ||1.||

I meditate upon Bal-Mukund (baby Krishna), lying on a Bargad leaf. His hands, his feet, his face…all beautiful, delicate and pure like a lotus flower.

Vikretukama-khil gop-kanya
Dadhyadikam mohavashad-vochad
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||2.||

Krishna so mesmerized the gopis of Vrindavan, that when they went to sell their dairy produce, they called out the names of Krishna – Govind, Damodar, Madhav, instead of the milk, butter or yoghurt that they had taken to sell. (Gopis are the acharyas of devotion/Bhakti.)

Gruhe gruhe gopa-vadhu-kadambah
Sarve militva samavapya-yogam
Punyaani naamani pathanti nityam
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||3.||

When gopis get together in their homes, they always sing and talk about Krishna -  Govind, Damodar, Madhav.

Sukham sayanam nilaye nijepi
Naamani vishno pravadanti martya
Te nischitam tanmayatam vrajanti
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||4.||

Always chant the names of Govind, Damodar, and Madhav...

Jihve sadaivam bhaja sundarani
Naamani krsnasya manoharani
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||5.||

O my tongue, by reciting Krishna's names – Govind, Damodar, Madhav; names that help the mind to focus, which otherwise is prone to distractions every second. By reciting the names of Krishna, a devotee's pains (aart) arising from a distracted, blundering, blustering mind dissolve.

Sukhavasaane idamev saaram
Duhkhavasaane idamev geyam
Dehavasaane idamev jaapyam
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||6.||

The essence of bliss is revealed on reciting Krishna's names. Krishna's names when sung during a sorrowful phase in life, remove the sadness. The last thought, the last word before death claims should also be the name of Krishna.

Sri krsna radha-var gokulesa
Gopal govardhan-natha vishno
Jihve pibasvamrut-metad-eva
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||7.||

O my tongue, I request only this: drink these blissful names - Sri Krsna, dearmost of Sri Radha, Lord of Gokul, Gopal, Lord of Govardhan, Vishnu, Govind, Damodar, and Madhav...

Tvaamev yache mam dehi jihve
Samaagate dand-dhare krutaante
Vaktavyam evam madhuram su-bhaktya
Govinda damodara madhaveti ||8.||

O my tongue, I request: Please remember the sweet names of Krishna, when it is time to leave this body and Yamraaj comes for me.

Jihve rasagne madhur-priya-tvam
Satyam hitam tvaam paramam vadaami
Avarnayetha madhuraksharaani
Govind damodara madhaveti ||9.||

O my tongue, you appreciate sweet things, let me tell you your highest good: recite these sweet words Govind, Damodar, and Madhav.

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This is such a beautiful song and he is just amazing the way he sings it.

krishna on Saturday, March 14, 2009

HI i am shrinath this is my all time favourite bhajan i have listen this bhajan thousands of times but now i have lost the cassate of this bhajan

Shrinath Sharma on Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ive been looking for the words... Thank you very much Hare Krishna

Shravan on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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