Thank you, Bad luck

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laughter therapyThis Sunday brought my family a super dose of bad luck, so to say, if you look at the sequence of events… The result though is priceless mirth. Thank you.

Unknowingly, I started the day with the week’s washing in the auspicious Rahu Kalam. Did you say Rahu Kala is auspiciuos for spiritual activities like meditation only? Well, I had decided to look at washing as my inevitable weekly karma, and decided to do it with the equanimity of a yogi. The rewards have been many, many rolls of laughter, joyous family bonding, exercise and spending time with nature.

Sunday morning, we had a mound of clothes dumped in the verandah for a good run in the washing machine. Today is Wednesday and my clothes are still hanging on the line. Rain has been pouring for three days now. We continue to laugh!

On the all-auspicious Sunday, as the washing machine was plugged on, the electricity tripped. It tripped a second time soon after, and we realised that the washing machine had gone kaput, probably a short circuit. Never mind, quipped in my exuberant family members on a lazy Sunday morning. Everyone chipped in: 4 people, 3 buckets, 2 tubs, and rounds of hot water from the bathroom to the garden tap, where we set shop, got us on the job.

No sooner was the first round of clothes hung on the clothesline on the roof, the rain-gods came to bless us.

The clothesline collapsed. The clothes were ready for a bath again.

Our dogs joined in the fun, sniffing at us, not being able to make out if we were laughing or crying!

As the first lot of clothes were rewashed, the drain-pipe from the roof splattered them with muddy rainwater from the rain a while ago. “No!”  “Yes.”

The wind-gods came in to enjoy our state of equanimity and a white t-shirt flew into a neighbouring silver oak tree. It seemed irretrievable despite our pole-pushing and pulling. Then of its own account it fell off on the road below!

The saris hanging from the roof, stuck to each other in the rain and wind. Yellow got magenta marks from its neighbour.  

We were rolling with laughter, despite the apparent tragedy of sorts. Had not had such a wonderful time with the family in ages. Tripping, making mistakes, laughing at them, bearing the situation with presence of mind, without blaming anyone. Jokes and mirth filled the air. Yes, Thank you Rahu Kalam for such a fun-filled Sunday! Bad luck enriched my life today :)

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