7 steps to releasing toxic emotions – Deepak Chopra

Anisha Sharma
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An excerpt from the above video:

Toxic emotions can cause toxicity in the body. Toxic emotions like anger, resentment, anxiety, guilt, fear, depression…

What is anger? Remembered pain from the past.

What is fear? Anticipation of pain in the future.

What is guilt? Directing pain back at yourself.

Depression is the depletion of energy that happens with all of the above.

7 steps to handling toxic emotions

1. Take responsibility for your emotions.

2. Witness them without judgement.

3. Label them. Is it anger? Is it resentment? Is it guilt? Is it jealousy…

4. Describe it. Describe it in the first person. Describe it from a second person's point of view…a third person's point of view. Expression.

5. Share them with someone you trust.

6. Release them through a ritual.

7. Celebrate.

Deepak Chopra

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